African Inspired print Satin Lined Sleep Bonnet to protect your hair while sleeping. Helps reduce friction and hair damage while you're tossing and turning during sleep. Also retains moisture and eliminates frizz.  The Bonnet is large enough for braids, locs, natural "big" hair and even for those wearing hair rollers at night.  The bonnet is stylish and cute enough if you have to go out the house late night or early morning :).  The sleep mask gives you a more sound sleep as it blocks out any light in the bedroom.  The sleep mask is satin lined too.

Satin Lined Sleep Bonnet

  • Because of the hygenic nature of this product, returns or refunds are not accepted.  If there is a repair issure upon arrival, we will fix the problem at not additional charge.

    Care Suggestion: Wash in warm water, no bleach, rinse cold.  Hang dry. Warm iron