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Handcrafted clothing, jewelry and accessories

"CHOC'LIT": Silky, Smooth and Sweet with a Sassy attitude of Dark Melanin flavor and style.

Hi I'm Sandra. CHOC'LIT is me and my designs. I have been sewing since I was 10 years old.  At a young age, I realized I was treated differently because of my dark, sweet chocolate skin color, but I learn to appreciate not looking like others. I decided I didn't want to dress like others too, so I begin making and styling my own clothes, treasuring the uniqueness of myself. 

As I matured, I realized the uniqueness of my skin color and the love of bright colors led me to discovering my ancestral roots of African descent, and the beauty of vibrant African colors, symbols, patterns and textiles.

Choc'Lit Designs takes modern and classic designs and marries them with African  fabrics . The designer believes African Inspired fashions are very mainstreamed today. Her fashions and jewelry can be worn everyday and on every occasion during the entire year, not just for the month of February, during "Black History Month."

Choc'Lit Designs fashions and accessories are for the culturally evolved person. A person who is confident and bold enough to wear ethnic fashions in their everyday life. These designs are for women who loves to look dressed, no matter the occasion, casual or formal, at the grocery store, park or jazz club.  She likes to play "dress up" like when she was a wide eye girl looking at her mother getting dressed.

Like woman of  past generations and of her African ancestry, (and especially like her beloved mother Helen), Sandra enjoys completing her outfits with head wear. Most of her outfits are completed with a headband, a head wrap or a hat. She extends this style in her collections. You will notice various head wear in the boutique. Most of her fashions will include a matching headband or wrap.

In the last few years, Sandra  decided to learn to make jewelry.  She loves her vibrant fabric and she does not like to throw away the scraps. So she decided to make jewelry from the fabric left over from her sewing projects. Choc'lit designs jewelry collections was born. You will notice many of the products have matching  jewelry or headbands

 Everything you see (and hopefully buy) in this boutique is hand crafted, hand made, hand sewn, and designed in this small run business. Nothing is factory made or bought from any  other proprietor. Each item is made with quality in mind and with the love and passion that Sandra has for her crafts, her gifts that she has been given by the all mighty Lord.  In saying this, because everything is hand crafted, there is limited quantities. So if you want it, buy it quick.  Also, Sandra wants  you  to be UNIQUE too.

Thank you for "shopping" by and 


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